• Mai Lan


When most teenagers think about school, they feel like it is something they have to do and not something they want to do. But how do we end up here? Most kids in kindergartens cannot wait to go back to their class every morning and learn something new. Most of the primary school students are excited about the first days of school. How does it change so drastically? The answer is simple: it stops being fun.

How to Make Learning Fun?

Keeping students engaged with a task can be a tough challenge even for an experienced teacher – therefore, it is crucial to find new solutions for maintaining the students' attention. One of the most critical elements in making education enjoyable is the variety of activities and information. If the lessons keep following the same pattern every day, they will eventually bore even the most enthusiastic students to death. Here are some suggestions on making learning fun:

  • Give control. Psychological studies suggest that most people prefer to feel in control of whatever they are doing. That is why it is essential to offer the students a choice on what they will be doing or studying that day and how the process will go. If the scholars can pick a task that seems the most fun and not at all boring to them at the time, the engagement and motivation to complete it will be a lot higher.

  • Make it practical. “Where am I ever going to use this?” “Why do I need this information?” It's more than likely you have either asked these questions in your life or been asked them yourself. And what is the biggest mistake you could do answering them? Now that would be telling them they will need it... and skipping the explanation why. If making learning fun and enjoyable is one of your objectives, providing practical examples could increase your students' interest in the subject simply because it will become more relatable and understandable.

  • Aside from having breaks between the lessons, add some in the lesson itself. We live in the age of engagement crisis, and expecting that your students will stay focused throughout all the lectures could be one of the biggest mistakes. Their attention span needs to be reset more frequently: just a minute or two for them to have a quick bathroom break, get a refreshment, or take a sneak peek at their phones could help them stay off the distractions during the lesson.

  • Applying technology tools that helps to boots students' engagement. Technology tool such as Kahoot, Padka, GoNoodle can influence the enthusiasm, motivation, and mood of your students, especially when it comes to teaching online.

Seeing all these methods, it becomes pretty clear that making learning fun is not that challenging of an idea to execute. The main thing you need to know is that educators need to pay attention to their audience and react to it. Once the educators and their students start working towards the same goals, it will be a lot easier to reach them.

Padka with fun and user-friendly interface is a great help for online teaching


Making learning fun is an easy task to execute... if you use the right methods. It is essential to understand that different kinds of scholars and even different generations also require different education types. Having fun is what drives us and makes us feel more engaged in the activity, so with the help of technology tools, professional growth can be plain sailing, too!