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Virtual Conference

Our mission is to build a platform

to deliver engaging and fun

 live online lessons 

We believe that learning is a joyful process. Online classes should not be only replicated the behavior of in-person classes, indeed it should be a fundamentally different experience.

Our Story

When did the last time you register for an online course?

How was the experience?

We love learning new things and online learning allows us to approach the best resources of any scope in life within some single clicks. Still, our experience of online learning, in general, is disappointing.

Students, as well as Instructors, are struggling, they have to use business conference tools to have lessons. A nagging statistic that you keep seeing: 90% of the people who sign up for online classes don't complete them!

At Padka, we understand that classes are not meetings. With 
frictionless video communication, easy usage of multimedia, and rich interactive features, Padka redefines the way online courses are done!

At Padka, we reimagine online courses!

Our vision is to make online learning engaging 

That everyone from everywhere can have equal access to quality education & training and enjoy the process of learning.