Our mission is to make online lessons more fun and engaging

We believe that learning is a joyful process. Online classes should not be only replicating the behavior of in-person classes, indeed they should be a fundamentally different experience.

Our Story

When did the last time you register for an online course?

How was the experience?

We love learning new things and online learning allows us to approach the best resources of any scope in life within some single clicks. Still, our experience of online learning, in general, is unexciting.

There is no better way to learn than having fun, That's why we created Padka to add a zest to the Zoom class. 

Teaching on Zoom is like cooking without spices. It is working but is not exciting. Instructors are failing to get students engaged. 


Our vision is to build a community focused on learning and teaching experience

where instructors and students are well connected and have easy access to the best usage of technology in order to make learning and teaching really exciting.


Level up your Lesson experience today