Get started in 

2 simple steps!

padka how it works easy set up

1. Download Padka and configure it correctly on your Mac by selecting your microphone and your camera as the input devices.

2. Back to your favorite platform for teaching and streaming, select Padka Camera and Padka Microphone 

Sound playing via Padka should now be coming through your microphone signal. You’re good to go!

Need to bring a little levity to that long heavy ending session? Wanna get your students a few laughs?

Just keep Padka open off to the side of your video call for 

perfectly-timed sound and visual effects that slay your students!



Background music

Share multimedia



text Reactions.png

Remember the time you couldn’t stop laughing at a meme?

So can the students now in your class!

Our reactions come with visuals and sound, combine both of your favorites! 

Background music.png

Background music. No more awkward silence

Each activity now comes with its own rhythm of music. Inspire your students to participate in and you will be surprised how much it could change the atmosphere!


Keep track of the time with a timer

A little watch to keep you and your students in track with the timing of any activities of the class, tick tock tick tock or comes with the music that you choose! 

padka timer drawing competition

Move to the next part with cool transitions

Professional work made easy on Padka, just a click away and you catch your student’s attention on moving to the new part of the lesson.

Share Multimedia.png

Need to use your own video and music for your lesson?

Forget the cumbersome screen sharing. Padka made it easy for you to share multimedia files directly!

Our bonus for your creativity

For example, list 5 countries in Southeast Asia or 2 books that you recommend.

padka dice dices game

Use these dices to break the ice of your new class or gently checking your students about the last lessons by playing a little game.

Padka works with all your favorite platforms to teach and stream online


Level up your Lesson before anyone!