Party your Zoom lesson!

Turn your online lesson into a celebration of sounds and colors with Padka Instructor's studio.

Need to get student's attention?

Want to make your lessons more fun?

Just keep Padka open off to the side of your video call for perfectly-timed sound and visual effects that slay your students!



Background music

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text Reactions.png

Everybody loves to laugh

And this is our type of reaction!

Background music.png

Ban the awkward silence

Let's inspire your students with proper background music!


You keep cool - we keep track of time

Tick tock tick tock or comes with the music that you choose! 

padka timer drawing competition

made easy

Moving on to the next section like a pro! 

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Play videos and music directly

Now you can forget the cumbersome screen sharing!

More creative 

padka dice dices game

Best way to break the ice?

Playing a little game with our dice!

Padka works with all your favorite platforms to teach and stream online

Getting student's attention online is hard. Until recently, I discovered a game-changer that saves me lots of time and effort. My students just love the reactions, and from laughing to loving, they are more excited about what I say. This is amazing - Padka turned my lessons around.

Cameron P.

Level up your lesson before anyone else!